Inner World

We are all wired up in such a way that depending on the environment we find ourselves in, we either blossom or dry out.

I am not referring that to the external environment that we normally hear about, how that it influences us but I want to speak about the internal environment that we locate in our hearts. Not the literal hearts but our innermost being; the ideas that make us who we are and drives us to make the choices we make.

It is indeed true that all the issues of life proceed from our hearts hence God advised us to guard our hearts with all diligence.

This may seem insignificant until you find yourself in a foreign world, not by choice but by reason of allowing all the forces of life to shape your reality instead of channeling or rather filtering what enters and what does not enter your heart. This is important because what we allow in our hearts shapes our world, not just the inner but the external world also.

Nothing can be the best influencer of your choices more than what you have allowed to enter your heart. No matter what the external voice may say, if your inner voice says left…that’s exactly where you’re going to head.

Don’t get me wrong, life is amazing and one thing we ought to give heed to is finding ourselves in that healthy internal environment that leaves us nourished and vibrant no matter what the external may be.

Let us surround ourselves with positive energy and never allow our hearts to be the dumping site for anything the world has to offer.


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