It begins with a thought

All the industrial developments that we admire today, every single invention that is done under the face of the sun and all the marvelous creativity that we lay our eyes on, began as a thought. 

Take a look at the airplane that is utilized in today’s world, it was not here many years ago until December 17, 1903, when  Wilbur and Orville Wright made a success in their invention, which initially began as a mere thought.

Not forgetting to mention the ability for us to use light bulbs today, this too is a result of someone who took action on the creative power of his mind.

There is something so great that we yet need to discover and that is the power of our minds. little do we know that we have all the ability to bring what we think of into existence.

We may not all be inventors but we certainly have the capacity to harbor a creative idea in our minds. Take every creative idea into consideration because that’s where everything great begins.

People who were successful in things they invented acted on their ideas and didn’t dismiss the thoughts they had or judged them as ‘just thoughts’. They also faced challenges and I am certain that there were people who didn’t believe in them but they never stopped believing in what they had in mind.

I urge us to take a step by starting to take our thoughts into consideration, it may not be an idea to invent something for everyone but to others, it may be a business idea or starting an organization.

Never underestimate the creative power that you have as an individual.    


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