No other you!

Have you ever taken a moment to just stare and be aware of who you are? The anatomy of your being and just seeing how amazing you have been created; how that everything in your body is a system that works together in harmony to ensure that you are alive and well. 

Aren’t you just grateful to be alive today?

Many times we are just going on about our daily lives, in pursuit of the things we desire in life, so much that we forget to just take a moment to be grateful for life itself. 

how many are the days in which we have neglected ourselves all in the name of others? how innumerable are the hours where we had to hide who we really are and our thoughts by reason of what ‘they’ will think?

Do you know how many people are on the face of this world? yet there is no one amongst them that is you, neither can one be a direct replicant of your person. you might be wondering why I’m saying all this and here is the reason why;

you have a part to play! we all do. 

what you think, how you see things and your opinions matters, don’t hide who you are because you’re different or have different ways of doing things. I want you to be confident in the person you are and never be timid to get your thoughts heard.




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