Patience and Persistence

Having goals in life is something that is common to everyone who is ambitious and willing to bring change in their lives, however, as part of life we encounter discouraging situations one of them being a reduction in the passion we started with. this is one the things that make us cancel or rather never mind the goals we’ve had from start.

Another discouraging force I have noticed is wanting what we planned for to happen within a split second and when we don’t see that, we lose the initial interest we had towards the goal.

This morning as I woke up, 2 words came into my mind and saw it worthy to share with you; patience and persistence. I realized what a good team they make and how they work hand in hand to accomplish whatever goal we might have in this journey of life.

Patience tells us that what we plan for will take time and no matter how long its gonna take we ought to be hopeful towards it.

Persistence lets us know that even if our passion fails us, we have to keep pushing and doing what is necessary to be done for our goals to be a reality.

Our goals and desires might be different regarding what we want in life, but the approach is one hence I bring us into remembrance this morning that we need to be patient and persistent in everything we hope to achieve.

remain blessed 🙂



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