The steering wheel of our lives

Life is a journey that requires us to keep moving forward regardless of what might come against us. A journey has different paths and one way or the other we are required to make a choice, which is part of the things that steer our lives in one direction.

It is fascinating how God gave human beings ‘free-will’ which is the ability to make a choice concerning anything. He did not give this to animals nor to any of His angels. 

Angels, for example, are obligated to worship God and to be sent by Him wherever He pleases, however with a human being it is different. I know this might be a bit difficult to swallow but God needs permission from humans first. 

That is not the point of my text today but it’s this ;

The ability to steer your life in any direction is in your hands in the form of a choice. That is solely up to you because no one can walk your life for you.

 As less significant as making a choice may seem, it is of great importance because it has the power to land you in the future resulting from it. 

Take heed you are not influenced by any emotion before making a choice but rather ensure that you are clear-minded. Take your time and make the best decision that will benefit you and get you to your desired future.



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