Know what is meant for you!

Growing up, you are going to come across allot of amazing things and one of that being the ability to witness people finding themselves, attaining what they love doing and succeeding in that sphere of their journey.

At times we do the mistake of wanting to do something just because its working for someone else and you might fear that you might not be successful if you don’t do what they do too. my room mate seldom says; “the most important thing is to never lose yourself”.

I would like to use that phrase so that i can make you aware of something;

Never forget where you come from, know who you are and what you want in your life. Never do the mistake of deviating from it just because someone else is succeeding in a different sphere.

Not everything that others do is meant for you. Let me not forget to mention that we have different talents, skills and interests.

Just because someone is pursuing a career in medicine doesn’t mean you too have to do it, just because someone is in business doesn’t mean you too have to be there, others are in media it definitely does not mean that you have to be there too.

I need your skills and you need mine too, we basically need each other to make the world a better place.

Be happy for others when its their time to shine, the fact that they made it means you too can, just never compare yourself neither measure your success based on other’s failures, no! it does not work like that.

focus on what you really want in life and if you fail along the way……..”DO IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN!”




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