Sister Diaries (part1)

Hi sis, let's talk! Yes, you beautiful creature, designed so wonderfully; you are the strength and weakness of man! So lovely and affectionate. Labeled emotional.. Lol.. Somehow true but yes, I wanna bring a thought to you because whether we realize it or not, we have allot of impact in our societies, either negative or positive.... Continue Reading →


Inner World

We are all wired up in such a way that depending on the environment we find ourselves in, we either blossom or dry out. I am not referring that to the external environment that we normally hear about, how that it influences us but I want to speak about the internal environment that we locate... Continue Reading →

It begins with a thought

All the industrial developments that we admire today, every single invention that is done under the face of the sun and all the marvelous creativity that we lay our eyes on, began as a thought.  Take a look at the airplane that is utilized in today's world, it was not here many years ago until December... Continue Reading →

No other you!

Have you ever taken a moment to just stare and be aware of who you are? The anatomy of your being and just seeing how amazing you have been created; how that everything in your body is a system that works together in harmony to ensure that you are alive and well.  Aren't you just... Continue Reading →

Patience and Persistence

Having goals in life is something that is common to everyone who is ambitious and willing to bring change in their lives, however, as part of life we encounter discouraging situations one of them being a reduction in the passion we started with. this is one the things that make us cancel or rather never... Continue Reading →

The steering wheel of our lives

Life is a journey that requires us to keep moving forward regardless of what might come against us. A journey has different paths and one way or the other we are required to make a choice, which is part of the things that steer our lives in one direction. It is fascinating how God gave... Continue Reading →

Know what is meant for you!

Growing up, you are going to come across allot of amazing things and one of that being the ability to witness people finding themselves, attaining what they love doing and succeeding in that sphere of their journey. At times we do the mistake of wanting to do something just because its working for someone else... Continue Reading →

If you don’t invest in yourself, who will?

I have never come across a book that has impacted me the way this book did and it would be so selfish of me to keep it to myself. If you might be thinking that you are not the reading kind of a person, well...neither am i but then doing something new once in a... Continue Reading →


Allow me to redefine attitude. It is the response of the level of someone’s perception and understanding towards something or an individual. Meaning the reason, you have a certain point of view, that is to say attitude towards something or someone, it is highly influenced by how you see and understand that particular thing or... Continue Reading →

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